Reasons to adopt…and not shop:


You’ll save a life.

Millions of dogs across Canada and the US live in deplorable conditions and are euthanized each simply because too many dogs are abandoned and too few people adopt. Adopting a dog is a triple-win at the very least - when you adopt you save a dog, you open up a foster space for another dog facing death, and you receive all the benefits of dog ownership.


You know what you’re getting into.

CCR is able to give you insight on the personality of our dogs through assessments, foster feedback, and when necessary, input from trainers and behaviorists. As well, our adoption process focuses on matching each dog to the home that best suits its needs. Many of our rescued dogs are happy, healthy, loving dogs who just need the time to get over the trauma of losing everything they had when they were given up.


Lots of bang for less buck.

Adoption fees are a great deal because they cover the cost of spay/neuter, check-up, vaccinations (age dependent), microchipping, (all required) PLUS a fecal test, deworming, flea/tick treatment, heartworm prevention, 4dx blood screen and any other medical care they require when they arrive in our care.


Fight puppy mills and inhumane conditions.

Despite everything that is known about puppy mills, there are too many that still exist! In these ‘breeding factories’ it’s all about the bottom line. This means that the dogs live in shockingly inhumane conditions where they lack socialization, proper exercise, and medical care. Puppy mills care about profit, not about animal welfare. However, they will continue to operate for as long as people purchase from them. Adopting is a concrete way to fight this inhumanity – you’re not giving them a dime.


You become family.

At CCR, we value creating on-going relationships with our adopters. We understand that there are challenges in any transition – so we don’t want you to feel like you’re doing this on your own. Our community of volunteers, rescue workers, experts and adopters are part of the extended family you join when you adopt from us.


You’re not just one, you’re THE one.

You might think adopting one dog won’t make a difference to the plight of dogs, but to the one dog you save, you’ve made a world of difference. It’s a long-lasting, feel-good process where everyone wins.