Coveted Canines foster parents share their experiences.

When I first started fostering for Coveted Canines, I thought the most rewarding part would be knowing that the rescue could save one more dog because they had one more Foster. As it turns out the most rewarding part is spending time with a dog who needs love, attention and to feel safe. Then watching that dog move to a home that has been matched to his/her personality and needs. I just keep meeting amazing dogs and amazing people! Fostering is also something that brings my family together. My teenage kids love having the dogs in the house and knowing they have played a part in helping them find a forever home. You also know the Coveted Canine’s team is there to support you. They are amazing!
— Nancy A.
My roommate and I love fostering pups with Coveted Canines! It’s one of the most rewarding experiences because you’re actively trying to help these dogs in need find their forever homes. Coveted Canines allows you to be involved in the adoption process as well by meeting the potential families. I love this aspect of it because I want to make sure the dogs I help go to loving families and are a perfect fit! Coveted Canines provides the food, the bedding, and the crate, and you just have to provide the love!
— Catherine P.
We’ve fostered for Coveted Canines Rescue about 3 times now, and each time has been a wonderful experience. We’ve fostered dogs of all sizes, and CCR has carefully and quite accurately matched our criteria with the right dog. CCR is filled with staff who genuinely care about the dogs they are rescuing, they go above and beyond to make sure that each foster family is comfortable with the dogs they are fostering and will provide anything, from toys, to food to vet appointments immediately. CCR is on top of everything, if an emergency occurs, or should you have any questions, someone is always on the other line within minutes to help and assist you in the matter. They are the best foster group we have ever worked with.
— Fiona C. & Jason H.
Our experience with Coveted Canines has been wonderful and so easy. We have had great communication and support when needed. We have been very happy to volunteer our time and foster for Coveted Canines as we now understand and see the absolute need for these pups to find their forever homes.

Fostering another dog has been very rewarding experience and something I encourage everyone I know to do. We have learnt some big lessons on the way liking learning as much about the pup your fostering as possible helps to understand the way they act in different situations and how they react to people, other pets, and unusual surroundings.
We have learnt to expect the unexpected, enjoy every minute of it as it very short and not to get too attached as it can be heart breaking to see them go as much as you as very happy for them to finally have their forever loving home.
— Katie W.