Our Values


1. Integrity

 We work together to create an environment that is respectful, honest and transparent. We act with integrity and accountability to demonstrate our commitment to our mission.


2. Wellbeing

We strongly advocate for the health and well-being of the canines in our care by taking a holistic approach to their healthcare in close consultation with licensed professionals; our comprehensive protocols on quarantine before transport and vetting are paramount to our success.


3. Compassion

We provide our canines with patient, positive, and supportive environments to meet their individual needs. We recognize that each canine is unique and needs consistent and compassionate care to fully develop.


4. Teamwork/Collaboration

We collaborate with our wider community to achieve our collective goals. We build strong relationships with our community partners and volunteers, and work together to realize our mission. We believe that teamwork is the key to our success.


5. Education

We provide adopters and fosters with the education and resources needed to provide supportive and loving homes for vulnerable canines. We educate the community about the plight of canines locally and internationally as a means to encourage the public to join us in our mission to eradicate homelessness, abuse and overpopulation.


6. Respect

We respect the boundaries of our canines, volunteers, fosters and community partners by valuing their diverse backgrounds, contributions, and opinions. We interact in a professional and respectful manner at all times.